Milestone 1 (M1) (Month 12): When 1-year seasonal sampling will be completed and first results will be available to be used for the construction of the model. M1-‘Biological data available for model validation’ corresponds to the completion of the deliverables: D1.1 ‘Report on sampling design, field samples collected, laboratory analysis and preliminary results’ and D2.1 ‘Report on coupled models construction’.

Milestone 2 (M2) (Month 16): When all modules of the fish models should be ready and coupled with the hydrodynamic-biogeochemical model, and inputs from WP1 to WP2, for model parameterization, calibration, defining initial conditions and skill assessment should have been available and being used. M2- ‘Full life cycle model ready for calibration’ corresponds to the completion of two key deliverables: D1.2 ‘Manuscript on energy allocation to growth & reproduction in anchovy and sardine’ and D2.2 ‘Manuscript on full life cycle models of anchovy and sardine’.

Milestone 3 (M3) (Month 18): When the model should have been tested and ready to implement and the scenarios are well-defined for final simulation runs of WP3. M3 – ‘Completion of model skill assessment’ corresponds to the completion of key deliverable D2.3 ‘Manuscript on model validation and initial model runs’.

Mini Symposium (S) (Month 24): To be held in Greece where the results of the project will be disseminated both to the scientific community and stakeholders


 Milestone number Milestone name Related work package(s) Delivery month
 M1 Biological data available for model validation WP1, WP2 Month 12
 M2 Full life cycle model ready for calibration WP1, WP2 Month 16
 M3 Completion of model skill assessment WP2, WP3 Month 18
 S Mini Symposium WP4 Month 24