Deliverable (number) Deliverable name Work package number Delivery month
 4.1 Project leaflet WP4 Month 2
 4.2 Website in operation WP4 Month 6
 1.1 Report on sampling design, field samples collected, laboratory analysis and preliminary results WP1 Month 12
 2.1 Report on coupled models construction WP2 Month 12
 1.2 Manuscript on energy allocation to growth & reproduction in anchovy and sardine WP1 Month 16
 2.2 Manuscript on full life cycle models of anchovy and sardine WP2 Month 16
 2.3 Manuscript on model validation and initial model runs WP2 Month 18
 4.3 Report on dissemination activities WP4 Month 18
 3.1 Report on definition and description of simulation scenarios WP3 Month 21
 3.2 Manuscript on oceanographic & fishing management scenarios WP3 Month 24
 4.4 Report to mini Symposium WP4 Month 24


WP1 (Energy allocation) will be based on seasonal sampling on board the commercial fishing fleet in order to obtain fish samples necessary to investigate the seasonal changes in growth, energy content and egg production of pelagic fish. WP2 involves the development of a multispecies full life cycle fish model, WP3 the implementation of this tool for hypothesis and scenario testing and WP4 the dissemination of the project.